New coin collecting app is launched today

Coiniverse brings the global coin collecting community together 

Coiniverse is developed by mints of the world together with the help of the global coin collecting community. The first release of Coiniverse is launched todayCoiniverse is available for download in Google Play and Apple App Store. 

Community is at the core of the Coiniverse experience. Coiniverse is inviting all coin enthusiasts, beginners as well as experienced coin collectors to join the Coiniverse community and have their say for the future releases of Coiniverse 

The first release of Coiniverse has all the important and state-of-art digital coin collecting features that existing coin collecting apps have like coin scanning, recognition and registering, and digital coin collection management. Coiniverse wants to make the coin collecting hobby even better by making available the digital collector features that have the power to bring people togetherMeanwhile, Coiniverse only supports English language and Euro coins on the Coiniverse app. 

“We are working together with the Coiniverse community to bring out the full social coin collecting experience in 2021. One of the shared wishes by collectors from around the world is the ability to interact and socialize with likeminded people. During these difficult times, digital social features are the lifeline of the global coin collecting community. That is why we have decided to focus on developing the best social digital coin collecting experience on the planet, says Antti Mäkelä from Team Coiniverse. 

The future of coin collecting 

Since 2016, Mint of Finland has been working on finding out what kind of impact digitalization will have on cash money and what kind of future there will be for the cash industry. Besides of the cash industry, Mint of Finland has also been working on developing future digital coin collecting solutions. In 2019 Mint of Finland built over 50 different digital concepts for coin collecting and for coins as gifts. Coiniverse is one of the first prioritised concepts that has been taken forward for further developmentMint of Finland’s aim is to transform coin collecting as a hobby into the digital age and believes what the future of coin collecting will look like.   

“With new digital solutions and features we can attract and inspire new collectors and generations to the fascinating world of coins. Coiniverse is also an investment opportunity for mints. We invite all interested mints to co-create the future of coin collecting with the collector community. By bringing the mints of the world together, we can combine our minds and experience, for creating the best digital collector experience for our customers”, says Jonne Hankimaa, CEO Mint of Finland.   

Join the Coiniverse community 

To make Coiniverse the best app for coin collectors, we need help from the collectors. If you’d like to have a say on how the Coiniverse app will look, feel and function in the future, please join the Coiniverse community. Discuss together with other coin enthusiasts and with the Coiniverse product development team, and be a part of making the best hobby on the planet even better. Join the community here.

Download Coiniverse on iPhone and on Android


If you are a mint interested in partnering up with Coiniverse. Please, do get in touch with us. 

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