Expert analysis

For the most optimal coin and blank specifications

Mint of Finland experts will guide you through different manufacturing techniques and materials, and their impact on coin life cycle and related costs. Accurate, consistent and unambiquous coin specifications will save time and money during the entire coin life cycle. Our experts can also create full technical specifications for your entire new coin family.

The clear and precise technical specification of coins in the procurement documentation will ensure you will receive comparable quotations from potential suppliers. Good technical specifications create functional methods for managing coin quality and uniformity. The contents of the service are tailored to the needs of each customer.

Specification and materials analysis

The specification and materials analysis charts the materials and related manufacturing methods corresponding to the technical specifications of each coin and/or coin blank in the coin range. We will also analyze coins collected from circulation in order to better understand the uniformity and life span of the coin stock. In addition, we will analyze the risk of overlapping coin specification with those of neighboring countries and perform a D-metrics analysis to support the specification and materials analysis.

In addition to the specification and materials analysis, we can submit a proposal for new technical specifications for individual coins or entire coin ranges. We can also propose improvements to existing technical specifications and help you create functional quality criteria for coins and/or blanks.

An example of contents of a specification and materials analysis service package:
  • Analysis of the coin’s technical specification
  • Analysis of coins collected from circulation
  • D-metrics analysis
  • Coin confusion risk analysis
  • Proposal for improvements to the coin specification
  • Proposal for a new coin specification
  • Training
  • Report


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