Mint of Finland corporate responsibility report and financial results 2022 published

Mint of Finland is one of the world’s leading providers of coin and blank related manufacturing, lifecycle, and consulting services. Customers are central banks, issuing authorities and mints worldwide.

Most of the company’s business is of a project nature based on non-recurring or multiannual agreements.

Revenue and result

Consolidated revenue decreased significantly due to challenging operative environment globally. The revenue was MEUR 20.9 (2021: MEUR 76.6), and the Group’s result for the period was MEUR -9.9 (2021: MEUR 7.8). The lower profitability was due to price competition, the cost of energy and the low utilization rate of factories.

Corporate responsibility

The foundations for a healthy business lay in balancing the corporate responsibility and business added value. The production of coins and blanks is subject to demands for efficiency, openness, and value creation. Hence, it is important to consider and implement sustainability principles and goals. Mint of Finland promotes responsibility throughout the whole value chain. The reporting describes the development in the areas of environmental, personnel, human rights & fair operating practices as well as corporate governance and financial responsibility.

Read the Mint of Finland Corporate responsibility report here.

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