Security enhancement

Optimal security features for every coin

We will analyse your coin family and issue recommendations on improving its security. The improvement of security features reduces the possibility of counterfeiting and improves differentiation from the coins of other countries. The contents of the service are tailored to the needs of each customer.

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Coin range security survey

The security survey evaluates the security feature of each coin in the range with the MoF coin security framework tool. We will also analyse the risk of overlapping coin specification with those of neighbouring countries. The security survey will be supported with a D-metrics analysis. The results of the security survey also allow us to evaluate the counterfeiting risk of the coins.

Additional services

In addition to the security survey, we can propose new security features for a coin or entire range of coins. We can also chart and evaluate the coins’ authentication infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements. Our expertise also covers the analysis of counterfeit coins and improvement of counterfeit identification methods.

Sample contents of a security enhancement service package:

  • Security survey (MoF coin security framework)
  • Proposal for new security features
  • D-metrics analysis
  • Coin confusion risk analysis
  • Coin forgery investigation
  • Proposal for improvements to the authentication infrastructure
  • Training
  • Report


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