Services for central banks

Mint of Finland is a responsible and reliable partner offering value adding services and solutions to central banks and issuing authorities. We are committed to improve cost efficiency, security and quality of coins with the goal to ensure brighter future for coins.

Make a responsible choice for your coin supplies

Worried about reliable and timely deliveries? Headache with international delivery logistics?

Mint of Finland is the leading exporter of circulation coins and and coin related services. Manufacturing unit is located in Vantaa, Finland. During its existence Mint of Finland has served more than 40 countries all over the world. Key competences are metallurgy, reliable and secure processes, project management and international trade practices. Long standing experience and continual development will ensure successful projects and piece of mind to those who have chosen Mint of Finland to supply their coins. Social corporate responsibility is at the very heart of the daily work.

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Enhance materials and features of your coin family

Cost of coins higher than the face value? Troubled with counterfeited or unfit coins?

Mint of Finland experts will guide you through different manufacturing techniques, materials, security features and their impact on coin life cycle and related costs. Experts will prepare a thorough analysis of your current coin family, and based on results, will give recommendations on how your coin family could be improved. Accurate, consistent and unambiguous coin specifications and right choice of materials will save effort and money during the entire coin life cycle. It is also very useful to keep a close eye on the coin-note boundary to ensure your coins are fit for the purpose.

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Designing a perfect match between art and metallurgy

How to transfer artwork into a coin?

Mint of Finland’s visual coin design service offers designs with the combination of art, functionality and coin manufacturing technology. Service facilitates your design process and decreases production costs through optimized features. At the same time, the security features of your coins are an important part of the design process to reduce the risk of counterfeiting. Mint of Finland also offers a reliable digital coin design storage service to its customers. The contents of the service are tailored to the needs of each customer.

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Demand based planning and deliveries will free your capital

Lacking storage space for your incoming coin deliveries? Difficulties in forecasting long-term coin demand?

Mint of Finland will help you to match incoming coin deliveries with your actual needs. As a result, less storage space will be needed under your roof, and less capital will be tied up in inventories. The content of this service is tailored to meet with your unique needs.

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How can Mint of Finland serve you? Feel free to get in touch! Our sales team will be happy to hear more about your needs. Together we can design solutions that will help you to succeed in your goals.


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