Mint of Finland has signed a new contract with the Central Bank of Colombia for supply of circulation coins

Banco de la República – Colombia and Mint of Finland have signed a new contract for the production and supply of Colombian coins. The contract contains minting of three different denominations of the Colombian Peso coins, a total of 370,5 million pieces, during 2023-2024.

The contractual relationship between Banco de la República – Colombia and Mint of Finland has started in 2017, and Mint of Finland is honored to have been chosen as the supplier in various occasions. This current contract includes denominations of $50, $200 and $500 Colombian pesos.

“The contractual relationship of Mint of Finland and Banco de la República – Colombia has continued for several years and it is great to keep serving this valued customer. Strong relationship, good communications and mutual understanding are the key to delivering the best results. We thank Banco de la República – Colombia for the trust and good business relationship.” Says Jonne Hankimaa, CEO of Mint of Finland.

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