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Check out Mint of Finland’s website for Finnish commemorative and special coins and download new coin collecting app Coiniverse. Mint of Finland does not sell Finnish coins at the moment. The Finnish Ministry of Finance has entered into an agreement with Nordic Moneta for the production and sale of Finnish commemorative coins, as well as for the sale of Finnish coin series and two-euro special coins.

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Coiniverse is a mobile app developed by the mints of the world with the help of the collector community. We aim to transform the finest hobby on the planet into the digital age. Download Coiniverse and join the community today.

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Coin gallery

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Coin Gallery is a service offered by Mint of Finland for anyone interested in coins. The gallery provides information on all Finnish coins. History is long. The first marks were struck on 15 October 1864 and the euro was introduced as cash in 2002. Mint of Finland’s commemorative coin business dates back to the Olympic Coin minted in 1951 in honour of the Helsinki Olympics.

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Vuonna 1951 lyödään Helsingin vuoden 1952 olympialaisia varten juhlaraha, joka on maailman ensimmäinen olympiaraha.


Rarities and tributes

Commemorative coins are struck in honour of events and significant people or phenomena. A maximum mintage is always specified for each commemorative coin. The nominal value of every Finnish commemorative coin has been confirmed by a decree of the Ministry of Finance. Commemorative coins are miniature sculptures, designed in cooperation with top artists. With time, some of them develop into true collector’s items. Mint of Finland’s commemorative coin business dates back to the Olympic Coin minted in 1951 in honour of the Helsinki Olympics.

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Found a two-euro special coin in your change?

Mint of Finland mints two-euro special coins. They are the most popular collector’s coins in Europe, and you can find one in your change! Each euro country may issue two commemorative coins per year. These coins have the same features and properties and the same common side as normal €2 coins, but what makes them different is their commemorative design on the national side, that commemorate the historical events. Browse the two-euro special coins in the listing of Finnish two-euro special coins.

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Stories of commemorative coins

Commemorative coins are minted in honor of major events and important people as well as phenomena. Read on our blog what stories can be found behind Finnish commemorative coins.

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