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Mint of Finland’s lion constellation points the way. Corporate responsibility is at the heart of the lion constellation and creating value for our owner is at the head. A mutual balance between the two is the essence of healthy business. Gold coins representing values are important in leading the way. Mint of Finland’s values are: respect, professional pride, trust and collaboration. Nordic gold coins represent company’s strengths – export expertise, customer orientation, reliability and industry forerunner. Copper coins on the outer periphery of the lion constellation represent the strategic focus areas: profitability, sustainability, agility, accountability and accuracy.


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Mint of Finland promotes responsibility throughout the whole value chain. The reporting describes the development work in the areas of environmental, personnel, human rights & fair play as well as corporate governance and financial responsibility. Until 2022 Mint of Finland has been reporting the responsibility work that is done in the Mint of Finland manufacturing units in Vantaa, Finland and in Halsbrücke, Germany. The Group also included a semi-owned joint venture Compañía Europea de Cospeles S.A. (CECO S.A.), which manufactures coin blanks in Spain. CECO S.A. has signed the Mint of Finland Code of Conduct for Business Partners and is committed to complying with the Ethical Guidelines.

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Mint of Finland’s Ethical Guidelines define the ethical standards that determine the company’s operations vis à vis human rights, equality, work safety, conflicts of interest, environment, stakeholders and customers.

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