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Mint of Finland has adopted common principles for its operations in Finland and Germany. We require each and every one of our employees to follow our Ethical Guidelines in their daily work. These guidelines outline the norms that define the company’s operations, including in relation to human rights, equality, occupational safety, conflicts of interest, suppliers and the environment. In addition, the company has Code of Conduct for Business Partners derived from the Ethical Guidelines.

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We report on our corporate responsibility development for the operations of Finnish and German companies. Stakeholders closely related to the company’s operations wish Mint of Finland to report on the progress in responsibility related to personnel, environment, human rights & fair play as well as progress in corporate governance. The Group also includes a semi-owned joint venture Compañía Europea de Cospeles S.A. (CECO S.A.), which manufactures coin blanks in Spain. CECO S.A. has signed the Mint of Finland Code of Conduct for Business Partners and is committed to complying with the Ethical Guidelines.

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