The most responsible choice for coin and blank supplies

Mint of Finland is the leading exporter of circulation coins and coin blanks. Our manufacturing units are located in Finland and Germany. During its existence Mint of Finland has supplied coins and coin blanks into more than 40 countries all over the world. Our key competences are metallurgy, reliable and secure processes, project management and international trade practices. Our long-standing experience and continual development will ensure successfull projects and piece of mind to those who have chosen Mint of Finland to supply their coins and blanks. Social corporate responsibility is at the very heart of our daily work.

More than ever before, the cash industry is under the pressure for efficiency and adding value. Mint of Finland is committed to seek improvement in all relevant areas and this way make the future of coins brighter.

Responsible and trustful partnership

Mint of Finland brings into co-operation long-standing expertise, experience and know-how of every phase of the coin lifecycle. We have a strong commitment to be a reliable and responsible partner for your coin and blank supplies. Corporate social responsibility is at the very core of our operations.

Quality driven processes

Mint of Finland has satisfied customers on four continents. We systematically seek cost savings for our customers and develop more effective operating models. Both coin and blank production have quality (ISO 9001:2015) and environmental certifications. (ISO 14001:2015).

Security in our heart

We don't take risks - we always think about security as part of all the projects. The company's logistics and warehouse management has been awarded the FSR-certificate by the TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association). In addition to transport and information security, we invest in technical security.

Export expertise

Most of the company's production is exported. Mint of Finland has a long experience and know-how in export. Our dynamic and skillful sales team serves customers in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Swedish and Finnish on all matters related to coins and blanks.

Future of cash

We believe that as the payment methods diversify and develop, the coin will retain its usefulness in small cash payments. It is important that the features of the coins are developed to better meet the requirements of today, which is why we proactively develop coin, cost efficiency, authentication and security features. Our goal is to increase the attractivity, cost efficiency and security of the coins.

Our specialists assist with the whole coin lifecycle in all continents

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Annukka Erkheikki

Account Director

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Account Director

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Sirpa Kuusirati

Vice President Sales

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