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The foundation is to know and fulfill the customer needs

Mint of Finland Group is the strongest mint in the eurozone and one of the world’s largest exporters of coins, whose target market regions are Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The company’s customers for circulation coins and coin blanks are central banks, ministries of finance and mints in different countries. In collector coins, the company serves consumers and retailers. Mint of Finland is owned by the Finnish State. #mintoffinland

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Finnish Nature 20€, Silver Coin of the Year. Independent Finland 100 Years, Gold Coin of the Year and third place in nomination as the Coin of the Year in #coinconstellation competition Moscow. Thank you to designers Simon Örnberg, Kari Auvinen and Erkki Vainio. Picture: Ekaterina Sobol, Finnish Embassy, Moscow

Vuoden 2018 rahasarjat on nyt julkaistu! Löydä suosikkisi verkkokaupastamme.

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Osta Suomi 100 vuoden kuluttua -kultarahamme ennen 12.11. - saat kaupanpäälle hopeisen yllätyslahjan! Lue myös blogiartikkelimme Suomen tulevaisuudesta.
Get the Finland in 100 years gold coin before the 12th of November and you will receive a silvery surprise present as a gift! Check out our blog post about the future of Finland as well.

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Suomalaisesta kullasta lyöty itsenäisen satavuotiaan Suomen juhlaraha. Suomen Rahapajan Vantaan tehtaalla valmistama kultaraha on osa Suomen itsenäisyyden

Suomi juhlii vuonna 2017 satavuotista itsenäisyyttä. Juhlavuosi saa sukeltamaan menneeseen, mutta myös tähyilemään tulevaan. Joka hetki määrittelemme

Suomen Rahapaja on elänyt mukana suomalaisten tärkeissä hetkissä koko itsenäisyytemme ajan.
Jokaiseen valtiovarainministeriön asetuksella valmistettuun

Itsenäinen Suomi 100 vuotta -juhlarahan suunnittelija Simon Örnberg vieraili Suomen Rahapajalla ja kertoi kuinka juhlarahan design syntyi.


Mint of Finland’s brisk start to the year slowed as the year progressed

Mint of Finland, one of the world’s leading coin exporters, has published its CSR report and financial statements 2017 on its website. Co...
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Two special two-euro commemorative coins will be released in 2018, along with a series of commemorative five-euro coins

Two Finnish special two-euro commemorative coins will be released in 2018. The theme of the special commemorative coin released in the sp...
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Gold coin of Finland’s centenary of independence out of stock

By decision of the Ministry of Finance, Mint of Finland minted a gold with a nominal value of EUR 100 in honour of Finland’s century of i...
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A total of 2.5 million special two-euro coins are about to enter circulation: minting of commemorative Independent Finland 100 Years coins has begun at Mint of Finland

Today, Governor Erkki Liikanen of the Bank of Finland started the production of com-memorative Independent Finland 100 Years coins at Min...
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