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Mint of Finland is one of the world's leading providers of coin and blank manufacturing services.
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Coiniverse is a mobile app developed by the mints of the world with the help of the collector community. We aim to transform the finest hobby on the planet into the digital age. Download Coiniverse and join the community today.

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Mint of Finland

The foundation is to know and fulfill the customer needs

Mint of Finland provides manufacturing, coin lifecycle and consulting services related to coins. The company’s customers mainly include central banks, finance ministries and mints of different countries. Mint of Finland is one of the leading coin exporters in the world with target markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The company is owned by the Finnish state.

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South African Mint joins Coiniverse to increase its understanding of modern coin collectors and build awareness among global audiences

Coiniverse is a digital coin collecting solution for global coin collectors launched by Mint of Finland earlier this year. By joining Coi...
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Monnaie de Paris becomes the first mint member to join Coiniverse, the global coin collecting service launched by Mint of Finland

Monnaie de Paris is the first mint member joining Coiniverse and taking part in the future development of the mobile application. Coinive...
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Mint of Finland financial statements 2020: The share of exports is growing

Mint of Finland is one of the world’s leading mints in terms of exports. The company mints metallic coins and coin blanks to order ...
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Mint of Finland wins tendering competition in Mozambique for supply of circulation coins

Bank of Mozambique and Mint of Finland have signed a three-year contract for the production and supply of Mozambique coins. The contract ...
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