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Mint of Finland is one of the world's leading providers of coin and blank manufacturing services.
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New app planned for coin collectors

In 2020, Mint of Finland plans to take coin collecting to the digital era and is looking to provide new services to coin collectors around the world. By asking coin collectors globally, we have identified the most sought-after features for the coin collector app. If you would like to be one of the first ones to get news about the app development, please subscribe to our mailing list.

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Mint of Finland

The foundation is to know and fulfill the customer needs

Mint of Finland provides manufacturing, coin lifecycle and consulting services related to coins. The company’s customers mainly include central banks, finance ministries and mints of different countries. Mint of Finland is one of the leading coin exporters in the world with target markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The company is owned by the Finnish state.

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New coin collecting app brings coin collections to life around the world

Together with the strategic partners, Mint of Finland is creating an application loved by collectors that will help them in their hobby, ...
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Financial statements 2019: Lower volumes weakened earnings

Consolidated revenue was down year on year and amounted to €56.8m (2018: €71.6m). The Group’s result for the accounting period was ...
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Mint of Finland response to COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic is a source of great concern and uncertainty for people. At Mint of Finland, we are prepared to do everything we can to...
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Danmarks Nationalbank continues to co-operate with Mint of Finland

Mint of Finland won the tendering competition organised by Danmarks Nationalbank having the best price quality ratio. In addition to cost...
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