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Mint of Finland - Born Finnish, Nordic by nature, acting globally

Mint of Finland Group designs, markets and manufactures coins, blanks, collector and gift coins and coins sets. Mint of Finland is the strongest mint in the eurozone and one of the world’s largest exporters of coins which market areas are Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The central banks, finance ministries and mints are Mint of Finland’s coin and blank customers. Consumers and retailers are the buyers of commemorative coins. Mint of Finland is owned by the Finnish State.

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Mint of Finland's story

Our journey to the top of the metal coin industry

Mint of Finland's production started when the first silver marks were minted on 15.10.1864. Now more than 150 years later the company is one of the leading exporters of coins, whose products are used on four continents. The picture is from Katajanokka, street Rahapajankatu, where Mint of Finland was located until 1988.
Mint of Finland’s story

Working at Mint of Finland

Mint of Finland as an employer

Mint of Finland’s values are respect, professional pride, reliability and cooperation. They are also reflected in how we treat our employees.  We work determinedly to foster a positive work atmosphere and are committed to responsibility, providing support and development opportunities to our employees, and ensuring occupational safety.

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