Ethical Guidelines - Mint of Finland

Ethical Guidelines


Ethical Guidelines are part of Mint of Finland Group’s corporate responsibility principles

Mint of Finland has adopted common principles for its operations in Finland and Germany. We require each of our employees to comply with our Ethical Guidelines in their daily work.

Mint of Finland’s Ethical Guidelines define the ethical standards that determine the company’s operations vis à vis human rights, equality, work safety, conflicts of interest, environment, stakeholders and customers.

1. Compliance with the law and statutes

We are committed to compliance with national and international law, statutes and generally accepted principles and practices in all our operations. We respect the norms of different cultures and legal practices in all places of business. In cases and situations requiring interpretation, we resort to expert help.

2. Principles governing business operations

In our business operations, we comply with ethical and honest principles and act openly and transparently. Our operations are based on shared objectives and we respect the promises we make to our customers and stakeholders.

3. Fair operating principles with stakeholders

Mint of Finland has many stakeholders and we have identified the following as key stakeholders: customers, personnel, owner, service providers and suppliers, the authorities and decision-makers, local communities, industrial organisations, non-government organisations, trade unions, the media and the public.

Stakeholder work is a continuous process for Mint of Finland and one which is constantly developing to better respond to the expectations of each stakeholder. Open dialogue plays a key role in enabling Mint of Finland to understand the activities and expectations of stakeholders in all situations.

Mint of Finland is an advocate of responsible ways of doing business and fair competition. We promote ethical ways of working and comply with local legislation. We do not give financial support to political parties.

Mint of Finland has zero tolerance regarding corruption and bribery. Mint of Finland does not allow the offering or acceptance of gifts, benefits, payments, hospitality or services other than those of nominal value or of those that could be construed as affecting business operations or goes beyond the limits of normal hospitality.These limits are described in more details in the Mint of Finland Gift and Hospitality Instructions. Gifts must not involve any obligation. Local legislation, including bribery laws, must be complied with at all times.

We expect our employees to act in the interest of the company at all times and to refrain from business relations that might lead to conflict of interests. Our employees may not initiate personal or financial acts that might conflict with our company’s obligations. We have drawn up a more detailed account of our honest ways of working for our suppliers and agents in different countries.

Suppliers are an important and vital part of the Group’s supply chain. We require suppliers to adhere to high standards regarding legal, ethical, environmental, labour and human rights. Mint of Finland itself complies with and promotes the standards above and requires compliance with these standards among its subcontractors and oversees suppliers’ operations also in this respect.

4. Human rights

We respect and comply with the principles of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Mint of Finland is not party to any breaches of human rights nor does the company accept child abuse in any form.

As an employer, our company respects workers’ fundamental rights as defined by the International Labour Organisation.

We respect workplace equality and the basic rights of employees. We promise to treat all employees and job applicants fairly and equally. We recruit employees on the basis of competence and professional ability. We appreciate the experience and diversity of our personnel. We encourage our personnel to state their opinion and to promote open dialogue. We offer our employees equal opportunities to develop their expertise. We do not accept any kind of inappropriate behaviour such as harassment, bullying or discrimination.

Our principles include showing appreciation and building a well-functioning workplace community. At Mint of Finland, each employee bears responsibility for our common success. We strive to be an example to colleagues and to making our company the most appreciated innovator in the sector.

5. Safety at work

Mint of Finland has a zero tolerance of accidents. We aim to prevent health risks and workplace injuries. We particularly striving to impact on attitudes to build a safe working environment and we encourage employees to continuously develop themselves in this respect. We are active to minimise risks originating in the workplace environment. By maintaining our employees’ health and systems enabling their working capacity, we seek to identify and prevent any threatening or problem situations and also to react promptly to them. We strive to increase our awareness of how the action of each and every employee impacts on the safety and wellbeing of the workplace community. We share responsibility for the safety of our working environment and our wellbeing in the workplace.

6. Company property

Security is pivotal to the company’s operations. Mint of Finland’s main line of business is the manufacture of circulation coins, blanks and collector coins from basic and precious metals. The company approaches security from the technical, transport and information security perspective.

It is important to safeguard the company’s property, which includes raw materials, tools, equipment and immaterial assets. Employees may only use Mint of Finland’s property for legal business purposes and must protect it from damage and unauthorised use. Mint of Finland’s property must under no circumstances be used unlawfully or contrary to legal provisions. It is forbidden to remove coins and blanks from the factory without the relevant permission.

7. Environment

Mint of Finland has quality and environmental principles. The company defines the annual targets which seek to improve the environmental impacts of operations by minimising emissions ending up in the waterways, air and soil. We support eco-aware operations and aim to achieve environmentally sustainable development in all our operations. We seek to recycle all waste with the ultimate aim of our products being fully recyclable throughout their lifecycle. In addition, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our transport.

8. Ethical guidelines in practice

Our ethical guidelines apply to all company employees. Employees are required to report violations of the Ethical Guidlines that come to their attention. The guidelines are adopted the company’s Board of Directors. Once the guidelines are adopted, we ensure by informing and educating that the company personnel are aware of them and comply with them in all their activities.