Arrival instructions to Mint of Finland Vantaa


Mint of Finland factory is located in Viinikkala, Vantaa at the address Suokallionkuja 4, 01740 Vantaa, Finland. The area is newly built, so the address has not been updated to all maps and navigators yet. If you are arriving by car on Ring III, take the Viinikkala exit, and you will be on Katriinantie. Continue on Katriinantie for about one kilometre and turn right to Suokallionkuja. After approximaterly 300 meters, you will see the mint on your right, at Suokallionkuja 4.

We recommed Google Mapsia for driving instructions. If you are arriving by public transport, we recommed the HSL:n Journey Planner.

Please bring a photo ID with you, we clarify the identities of all visitors for security reasons. Your contact person at Mint of Finland will notify the control room of your arrival. Welcome!

Shipments are delivered to Mint of Finland through the delivery gate. After turning to Suokallionkuja from Katriinantie, turn right at the first junction. Drivers should notify the contact person at Mint of Finland of the name of their Company and registration number of their vehicle in good time. The contact person will then report the details to the control room. Please note that we verify the identities of all visitors for reasons of security.