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The story of Finnish commemorative coins began with the 1952 Olympics

Commemorative coins confirmed by Decree of Finland’s Ministry of Finance are minted in honour of socially significant people and events. They tell the stories of their age and convey the values of our society to future generations.   Chief Curator, collections, Timo Huusko of the Ateneum Art Museum has chaired the Commemorative Coin Committee since…

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The Constitution Act of 1919 is turning 100 – what was it about?

The Constitution Act of 1919 specified that Finland would become a republic and served as the nation’s first constitution. The ratification of Finland’s form of government laid the foundations for the country’s modern democracy and highly functional society.   When Finland declared its independence in 1917, it adopted the Constitution Act from the period of…

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What will Finland be like in 100 years?

Finland turned a respectable 100 in 2017, but what will the country be like after the next century? Futurologist Elina Hiltunen emphasises the significance of the choices made by individuals: ”Every one of us has an impact on what our future will be like.”   Futures studies builds alternative future scenarios based on an analysis…

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Rajaportti sauna is an icon of Finnish sauna culture

Rajaportti sauna has been heated for more than 112 years now, thus making it Finland’s oldest public sauna in continuous use. Even though the reasons for having a sauna may have changed over the decades, some things will always stay the same. Ari Johansson has been going to Rajaportti sauna for almost 63 years.  …

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