New coin collecting app brings coin collections to life around the world

Together with the strategic partners, Mint of Finland is creating an application loved by collectors that will help them in their hobby, bring them closer as a community and create new business opportunities for mints.

This application is now called Coiniverse. It is a mobile app for coin collectors around the world. Technical development of Coiniverse started in June and the first release of the app is planned for early 2021.

Mint of Finland invites the world mints to develop the service together. “We have already had some discussions with some European mints. All partner candidates have been positive about the up-coming service. Coiniverse creates new opportunities for both mints and coin collectors globally”, says Jonne Hankimaa, CEO Mint of Finland.

Coiniverse community welcomes the users to co-create

According to the market study conducted earlier this year, coin collectors around the world are very interested in the future service. 500 people participated in the market research and there are currently about 1,400 coin collectors on the app’s waiting list. According to the market research, the most wanted features for the coin collecting application are:

  • Digitization and management of the coin collection
  • Coin scanning and recognition
  • Social and community features
  • Marketplace and trading.

The development of Coiniverse app is driven by real user needs. The ideas and wishes received from the market research have been taken into the product development path. The Coiniverse team has also started building an active community with coin collectors. The community is an invitation-only discussion group where the real users are able to take part in the development and future releases of the Coiniverse app. People in the the app’s waitinglist are invited to join the community.

To be among the first to know the latest product development updates and, in addition, to join the community, sign up to Coiniverse email waitlist here .

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