Münze Deutschland joins Coiniverse

Münze Deutschland joins the growing Coiniverse community, bringing more high-quality unique collectibles for our users and enthusiastic collectors. By joining Coiniverse as a member mint, Münze Deutschland will have access to recurring in-depth insight reports of future collectors. Together we will learn to provide the best user experience for our users and customers and Münze Deutschlands experience is a valuable asset in creating this. Coiniverse continues to evolve into a platform that brings together the world’s mints and the collector community to open new dimensions for the future of collecting.


We are excited to join Coiniverse and bring our unique collector coins for extremely easy reach to the global collector community. We develop our services constantly and we think Coiniverse offers a great new channel to listen and learn from the whole collector community. We are certain that our cooperation with Coiniverse and other mints will result in many novel services to make coin collecting even more fun and social experience in the future.

— Münze Deutschland


I’m so proud and happy to welcome Münze Deutschland as the newest member to Coiniverse. It is a true benefit for our users to have a direct access to the high-quality collector Coins of the Federal Republic of Germany that really have that special magic. Looking forward to Münze Deutschland’s innovative ideas and taking Coiniverse to the next level together with them.

— Mikko Sievänen, Head of Digital Development of Mint of Finland.


Coiniverse has now released version 2.0 with new social features and we are very excited to bring together the coin collecting community around the world. The future collectors are modern coin enthusiasts who want to unlock new digital collector experiences. Discussing with mints around the world, Coiniverse is seen as a good opportunity to reach younger generations and to build new business models. With Coiniverse the industry gets insight on what younger collectors want and how they behave. Münze Deutschland is the 7th member mint to join Coiniverse community.


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If you are a mint interested in partnering up with Coiniverse. Please, do get in touch with us. 

Mikko Sievänen
Head of Digital Development


Minting has a long tradition in Germany. The oldest mint in Germany still active today has been existing since the year 834. The first Deutsche Mark collector coin of the Federal Republic of Germany was issued in 1953. In November 1967, the Official Sales Agency for Collector Coins (VfS) was founded, which operates under the name of Münze Deutschland today. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Finance, Münze Deutschland sells high quality products exclusively to both private customers and coin traders.

Mint of Finland provides manufacturing, coin lifecycle and consulting services related to coins. Mint of Finland is one of the leading coin exporters in the world. The company is owned by the Finnish state. Since 2016, Mint of Finland has been working on finding out what kind of impact digitalization will have on cash money and what kind of future there will be for the cash industry. Coiniverse is one of the company’s projects around digitalization in the coin industry.