Monnaie de Paris becomes the first mint member to join Coiniverse, the global coin collecting service launched by Mint of Finland

Monnaie de Paris is the first mint member joining Coiniverse and taking part in the future development of the mobile application. Coiniverse brings the mints of the world together to combine their experience and to co-create the best digital collector experience for their customers. Coiniverse is the world’s leading digital coin collecting solution for global collector segments under the age of 35.

“We have a long history in minting coins and delighting coin enthusiasts with high quality collector coins. However, we know that the future will be digital and Monnaie de Paris is dedicated to find and develop new solutions to take the long history also to the future. The new generation of collectors are after new kinds of experiences, so we need to innovate. We are happy to join Coiniverse to better understand the future collectors and serve them with new digital ways and channels natural to them”. Says Marc Schwartz, CEO of Monnaie de Paris.

As a mint member, Monnaie de Paris will have strong visibility in Coiniverse, and an access to recurring deep insight report of future collectors. Coiniverse gathers coin collector insight through quantitative and qualitative research. Membership is a starting point for the mints to join Coiniverse, providing a platform to innovate and understanding of the future collectors.

“It is my pleasure to welcome Monnaie de Paris to Coiniverse family and join us in shaping the digital future of coin collecting. Official mints are trusted by the collectors in developing the digital future for coin collecting. Monnaie de Paris as the oldest and still running mint, offers valuable experience for Coiniverse”, says Jonne Hankimaa, CEO of Mint of Finland.

Global trend shows that the number of coin collectors, as they are known today, is decreasing. The future collectors are modern coin enthusiasts who want to unlock new digital collector experiences. Discussing with mints around the world, Coiniverse is seen as a good opportunity to reach younger generations and to build new business models. With Coiniverse the industry gets insight on what younger collectors want and how they behave.

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Monnaie de Paris in France, is the world’s oldest continuously running mint which was founded in AD 864. Monnaie de Paris fulfils the public service mission of striking the euro coins in circulation for France, as well as coins for other foreign currencies. Since the end of the 20th century, Monnaie de Paris has also minted collector coins commemorating major events, and depicting French symbols and places. They are a delight for coin lovers and precious metal enthusiasts.

Mint of Finland provides manufacturing, coin lifecycle and consulting services related to coins. Mint of Finland is one of the leading coin exporters in the world. The company is owned by the Finnish state. Since 2016, Mint of Finland has been working on finding out what kind of impact digitalization will have on cash money and what kind of future there will be for the cash industry. Coiniverse is one of the company’s projects around digitalization in the coin industry.