Lithuanian Mint and Coiniverse join forces

Lithuanian Mint and Coiniverse offer coin collectors from around the world a chance to enjoy the future of coin collecting – today. By joining Coiniverse as a mint member, the Lithuanian Mint makes strides in fulfilling the expectations of customers on a global scale with the help of modern technology.

“For thirty years, minting collector coins has been one of our main activities. The awards we have received for our work demonstrate our professionalism and responsibility. With Coiniverse, we aim to introduce the coins we design and produce. We hope that with the help of this great app, the brand of the Lithuanian Mint will be known to an even wider circle of collectors”.
Linas Veikalas, Head of Sales and Marketing Department at Lithuanian Mint.

“With the Lithuanian Mint as our newest member, we continue to strengthen the network of mints behind the development of Coiniverse. Our aim is to bring the best pocket-size coin collecting experience on the planet to the hands of collectors from around the world. I’m convinced that Lithuanian Mint will provide new interesting products and content for our rapidly increasing users.”
– Mikko Sievänen, Head of Digital Development of Mint of Finland.

We work together for you, with you. Please, share your expectations, wishes, and desires for the future of our collaboration and development of the Coiniverse-application.

Download Coiniverse for free on iPhone and on Android.


If you are a mint interested in partnering up with Coiniverse. Please, do get in touch with us. 

Emilia Lahtinen
Sales Manager
Mikko Sievänen
Head of Digital Development


The Lithuanian Mint is an advanced company, employing highly qualified specialists, using modern equipment and technology, its quality management system being certified with the international standard ISO 9001 (since 2003), pursuing active and flexible marketing directed towards the basic product the company offers on the internal and the external markets. Lithuanian as well as foreign circulation and collector coins make up the core of our company’s production. The mint also produces State Decorations and Orders (of Lithuania and foreign countries), offers the design service and production of medals, badges, various metal stamps, punches and other products.

Mint of Finland provides manufacturing, coin lifecycle and consulting services related to coins. Mint of Finland is one of the leading coin exporters in the world. The company is owned by the Finnish state. Since 2016, Mint of Finland has been working on finding out what kind of impact digitalization will have on cash money and what kind of future there will be for the cash industry. Coiniverse is one of the company’s projects around digitalization in the coin industry.