Mint of Finland regrets the bad feeling caused by images on its collector coins series

In a release published by the Finnish Ministry of Finance at 4.08pm on 25 April 2017, Minister of Finance Petteri Orpo announced he had initiated a process to repeal the Decree on the Decades of Independence Collector Coin Series. According to the Ministry of Finance this decree has now been repealed.

Mint of Finland, which produces collector coins, published information about the collector coin series on 24 April. None of the coins concerned have been released.

Mint of Finland deeply regrets all the bad feeling caused by the images in the collector coin series.

Read the Ministry of Finance’s release here.

Mint of Finland’s FAQs are compiled (in Finnish) here.

For more information, please contact:
Henna Karjalainen
Vice President,Communications
Mint of Finland
+358 50 575 9197

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