Gold coin of Finland’s centenary of independence out of stock

By decision of the Ministry of Finance, Mint of Finland minted a gold with a nominal value of EUR 100 in honour of Finland’s century of independence. The coin was released on 3 January 2017. The collector coin has now been sold out by the manufacturer. The collector coin is a part of the Finland 100 programme celebrating the centennial of Finland’s independence.

The maximum mintage of the collector coins, minted in Finnish gold, was 3,000. The reverse of the Independent Finland 100 Years gold coin features a mosaic forming the cartographic image of Finland. The arched shape on the obverse depicts Finland’s population growth during the years of independence. The collector coin is the work of designer Simon Örnberg.

Mint of Finland also minted a special batch of 100 numbered Independent Finland 100 Years gold coins. The numbered coins were sold out on the first day of advance sales.

The gold content of the coin is 917. The collector coin’s diameter is 22 mm and weight 5.65 g. All of the collector coins were finished to proof quality. The gold coins manufactured in Mint of Finland’s Vantaa factory bear the Key Flag Symbol of Finnish Origin issued by the Association for Finnish Work.

The collector coin’s nominal value, design and specifications will be confirmed in a decree issued by the Ministry of Finance. The decree makes collector coins legal tender in Finland, but their importance as payment instruments is marginal since the sales price of collector coins is higher than their nominal value.

You can read the collector coin decree in the Ministry of Justice’s Finlex Data Bank.

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