We <3 environment

Mint of Finland acts responsibly with regard to the environment. We strive to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations by minimising emissions into the water, air and soil.

We use tangible and intangible resources responsibly

Mint of Finland has ISO 14001 environmental management system certificates in Finland and in Germany. We track our use of materials and report use of materials by waste type and disposal method. We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts originating in transport by choosing sea freight whenever possible. We monitor the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from our sites in Finland and Germany. Our German site has also an ISO 50001 energy management certificate. We monitor consumption of natural resources with regard to electricity, heat, water and gas. Furthermore, we strive to substitute process materials by more environmentally friendly options.

Our industrial business processes protect nature and improve efficiency

Mint of Finland models and adjusts its processes to align all parts of the organisation to customer requirements and wishes. The outcome of process work results in achieving commonly agreed ways of working, clear roles and responsibilities, efficiency and balance.

Achievements in environmental responsibility during 2018:

  • Finnish site received re-certification of the revised ISO 14001:2015.
  • Waste at the Finnish site reduced by ~10%.
  • Waste for final disposal at the German site reduced by ~20%.

Waste recycling is calculated per information of waste service provider. In Vantaa the waste amount declined in volume and also in proportion per million coins. This was due to reduction of metal waste. In Halsbürcke the waste amount declined compared with the previous year in proportion per tonne of blanks. The improvement was due to the reduction of hazardous waste for final disposal from plating line residues, which is related mostly to less production volume.

CO2 emissions are calculated using the CO2 factor from electricity and gas suppliers with consumed amounts.

Modes of transport deliveries (%) are calculated from delivered quantities of coins in Vantaa and of blanks in Halsbrücke in 2018.