Mint of Finland Whistleblowing reporting channel is a tool for maintaining the responsibility and transparency of our business operations

Whistleblowing reporting channel is available for Mint of Finland’s employees and external partners.

We require all our employees to follow our Ethical guidelines, rules and and other principles such as Privacy Policy. Whistleblowing is a tool to report serious suspicions of misconduct. All reports must be made in good faith.

Mint of Finland Whistleblowing channel is provided by an external partner and is encrypted and password-protected. No metadata is saved and IP addresses cannot be tracked. Thus, indentification of the anonymous whistleblower is impossible. The anonymous whistleblower gets an ID and password after submitting the report. The whistleblower can log in and read the responses from the whistleblowing team and reply messages.

The whistleblowing reports are available for the Mint of Finland whistleblowing team and other selected people, when necessary. Cases are handled taking into account the interests of all the persons involved. Personal data is deleted or anonymized when the case is closed or no longer needed


Link to whistleblowing service