Exploring New Opportunities with Ambitious Start-Ups #MintofFinlandBootcamp2019

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Today and more so in the future, digital technology is deeply integrated into all aspects of our life. Cash in all forms and the way we pay are certainly affected. And while things will keep changing, Mint of Finland wants to be at the forefront of industry change and sees digitalization as a fundamental opportunity to develop both its own operations and the services it offers to customers. 


Change does not happen alone


No idea, let alone innovation, is born without interaction, internal or external. At Mint of Finland Bootcamp 2019 start-up companies and Mint of Finland experts were looking for new opportunities and forms of collaboration through challenge-based interaction. The Bootcamp was divided into five separate themes, based on Mint of Finland service business development. The topics were New Payments and Digital Cash, Security, Design and Manufacture, Coin Lifecycle Management and Sustainability and Forecasting – all crucial to how mints will operate successfully in the future. 


Bootcamp focuses on the opportunity, not the problem 


All Bootcamp work was focused on emerging opportunities, rather than dwelling on the possible problems. This attitude created the tone and mode of working for the Bootcamp. 

The New Payments theme focused significance of digital cash and the opportunities it offers. The Security theme explored the ways to create digital security and technology for preventing counterfeiting. The theme of Design and Manufacturing produced ideas on how to reduce design and production lead times and how design thinking can be used in manufacturing. The Coin Life Cycle Management theme focused on sustainable and transparent material procurement. The Forecasting theme looked for ways to understand and predict coin circulation.


 The goal is to produce Win-Win-Win ideas


Bootcamp took advantage of the lessons learned from Demos Helsinki’s Bees and Trees project, which focused on combining the strengths of small and large companies in a way that benefits both parties. In fact, all ideas produced should have a Win-Win-Win potential: They should benefit the start-up, Mint of Finland, but importantly, the end customers as well. 

Mint of Finland has world-class unique expertise in the manufacture of small, precise metal payment instruments and customer relationships. At Bootcamp, start-ups enhance this with own products, services and ideas. The co-operation will eventually benefit our customers as opportunities to receive new kind of services, thinking and solutions from us.