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    The 2015/II BU coinage includes all Finnish circulation coins released in 2015, apart from the two-euro piece, which is replaced by all three commemorative two-euro coins released in 2015. Order the beautiful coinage now from the online shop.

    The Coinage 2015/II BU includes the Finnish coins of 2015 in BU quality, apart from the regular two-euro piece. In place of the standard two-euro coin, the set includes all three two-euro special coins launched in 2015. The mintage of regular Finnish coins in 2015 was only 200,000 coins of each denomination except the ten-cent and twenty-cent coins (mintages will be confirmed later).

    The 2015/II BU coinage includes information on the coin minting process.

    Coins are special because they form part of a national system of payments and represent national identity. Each coin is a source of revenue for the national treasury, and coins are and will remain a superior means of payment for small transactions in every respect.

    The coinage includes all three special two-euro coins launched in 2015

    The commemorative coin launched in February 2015 pays tribute to the 150th anniversary of composer Jean Sibelius. The coin is designed by Nora Tapper. The mintage of this special coin was 500,000 pcs. in Finland.

    The second special two-euro coin launched in 2015 is a commemorative coin jointly released by the Eurozone countries in honour of the 30th anniversary of the Flag of Europe. The commemorative coin is designed by the Greek artist Georgios Stamatopoulos.

    In 2015, three commemorative two-euro coins were released as a departure from previous practice. The third coin pays tribute to the 150th anniversary of artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela. The coin is designed by Hannu Veijalainen. The mintage of this special coin was 500,000 pcs. in Finland.

    Two-euro commemorative coins are legal tender in all euro countries. They have identical technical features and the same reverse side as ordinary two-euro coins. However, the national side of the commemorative coins bears a special motif different from that on regular coins.

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