Animals of the Provinces – Satakunta, proof


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    A collector coin makes the most beautiful memento in proof quality. Order a polished beaver coin of Satakunta in a protective package that also tells the coin’s story.

    The collector coin paying tribute to Satakunta’s beaver is most beautiful in proof quality. Proof-quality collector coins are minted with a polished die, finished, and placed in a protective clear plastic casing set in a package that tells the coin’s story.  The coin will best withstand the test of time and remain as a memento in your collection in its original package.

    This provincial coin with a nominal value of five euros depicts the beaver. The collector coin’s reverse bears the historic coat of arms of Satakunta.

    This beautiful collector coin is part of the Animals of the Provinces series, which is the third coin series minted in honour of Finland’s historic provinces. The first collector coin launched by Mint of Finland in Satakunta in 2010 paid tribute to bobbin lace tradition, which goes back hundreds of years in Satakunta. For the Provincial buildings series, Satakunta received a coin commemorating Sammallahtimäki´s nearly forty burial cairns built as the resting place for the ancestors of the inhabitants of Satakunta.

    Satakunta´s beaver

    The emblematic animal of Satakunta, the beaver, is known for its dam-construction skills. The European beaver is an ancient species that has inhabited Finland since before the last ice age. The species was nearly hunted to extinction in Finland, but the population has since been bolstered by imported individuals. The Finnish European beaver population is still limited to approximately 1,000 individuals, mostly concentrated in the region of Satakunta.

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    Nominal value

    5.00 €


    CuAl6Ni2, CuNi25


    Base metal


    27.25 mm


    9.8 g



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