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Special occasions

To mark that special day

Life is full of occasions to celebrate and give gifts: birthdays, graduation parties, housewarming parties, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, weddings… Choosing the right gift is not always easy.

An official commemorative coin is a dignified and appropriate gift for everyone: Finnish tango commemorative coin for music lovers, Mothers commemorative coin for your mother or Akseli Gallen-Kallela commemorative coin for art lovers. See our range for all the options. Give a gift with value.

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For summer celebrations

The spring and summer graduation season, garden parties, visits to the country and outdoor feasts will soon grace our lives again. A commemorative coin is perfect to bring to such occasions – a gift that holds its value.

We have a variety of options for graduates according to their interests: if the recipient is into interior decoration and Nordic design, for example, the Ilmari Tapiovaara and interior decoration silver coin pendant will be just right. A silver Literacy commemorative coin is also spot on for any graduate. When you are visiting the countryside, a Finnish Sauna Culture special two-euro commemorative coin or the Finnish National Landscapes commemorative coins will be sure to delight the host.

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Business gifts

A commemorative coin is a Finnish story

In business, it is important to remember your staff, customers and partners every now and then. Commemorative coins are enduring gifts with value.

A commemorative coin is also a sustainable choice for a business gift. They pay tribute to significant and topical subjects strongly linked to Finland and being Finnish, which is why they also make great mementos of Finland. Export companies also appreciate the compact size of commemorative coins.

Coins reflecting the employee’s home region or interests are excellent gifts for long service or retirement. Would the recipient perhaps be touched by a design, art, literature, sports or history themed commemorative coin?

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