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    The enchantment of the wild never fades. A coin that immortalises the beauty of the wild makes for a fine gift or complement to any collection. This collector coin minted in honour of the Northern wilderness reminds us of the magical beauty of our coniferous forests.

    The North is part of the taiga zone of conifers encircling the northern hemisphere. The mental landscape of huntsmen and other inhabitants of the North is inspiring no matter the season, as it shifts from pure white snow to the riot of autumn colour.

    The coin’s obverse features boughs of the most familiar conifer, the pine. The adaptability of the pine is without equal, since the tree retains its needles through the long winter and is protected from forest fires by its thick, shell-like bark.

    Give a polished, impressive collector coin as a gift

    Mint of Finland mints the Northern Nature – Wilderness collector coin in polished proof quality and in UNC quality.

    The proof-quality coin is an impressive gift. Each coin is packaged in its own protective casing of clear plastic and delivered in a cloth purse emblazoned with Mint of Finland logo. The coin carries its history with it, since the purse also includes a certificate of authenticity that recounts the coin’s story and technical specifications.

    These collector coins are also offered in sets of 10 UNC-quality coins packaged in a purse bearing Mint of Finland logo. A purse of collector coins in celebration of nature provides you with many fun gifts or an interesting complement to your own collection.

    The fifth coin in the award-winning Northern Nature series

    Wilderness is the fifth coin released in the internationally acclaimed Northern Nature series. Mint of Finland’s Northern Nature series was nominated “Series of the Year” at the international commemorative coin contest held in Russia in September 2013.

    The previous coins released by Mint of Finland in the series in 2012–2013 are Summer, Flora, Fauna and Winter.

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    CuAl6Ni2, CuNi25


    Base metal


    27.25 mm


    9.8 g



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    Reijo Paavilainen