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    The Literacy coin is an excellent gift for new graduates and a beautiful addition to any collection. This gorgeous Ethical collector coin, issued by Mint of Finland, represents the importance of different readers. Mint of Finland has a produced and numbered a limited edition of one hundred €20 coins which are sold in a glass case. Order the beautiful collector coin for yourself or a loved one.

    Symbols, Braille, notes – we have told our stories using many signs from one age to the next. Literacy is a basic human right, since these signs help us develop ourselves and build equality between the sexes, lasting peace and democracy. In 2014, Finland celebrates the Theme Year of Diverse Literacies, supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

    The Literacy coin is the sixth coin to be issued in the Ethical collector coins series of Mint of Finland. The first coin of the series, the Peace and Security Coin, is sold out at Mint of Finland. Read more about the decree on the collector coin here (in Finnish).

    The coin dedicated to readers everywhere

    The Literacy collector coin features different symbols which humankind has used to communicate throughout history. The obverse of the coin depicts the symbols, which form concentric circles with the infinity symbol at the centre. The infinity symbol is circled by a binary ring which consists of zeroes and ones, which in turn is circled by a ring of musical notes.

    The note ring is followed by a ring made up of Braille dots, while the outermost ring consists of letters which spell out LUKUTAITO 2014 (‘LITERACY 2014’). The Swedish word for literacy, LÄSFÄRDIGHET, features on the rim of the coin. The reverse of the coin features cave painting patterns forming a ring. The text SUOMI FINLAND and the denomination – €20 or €10 – are on the outer edge.

    Gift and collector’s item

    Mint of Finland has issued two different versions of the Literacy coin. The €10 collector coin comes packaged in a beautiful gift box, while the collector coin with a nominal value of €20 will be sold in a recyclable cardboard package.

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