My First Euros 2017


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    This year, the My First Euros coin set features animals. The fun coinage also includes a commemorative medal, a child’s very own lucky coin, on which you can have, for example, the recipient’s name and birthday carved.

    ”My First Euros” is a special gift for a new-born, godchild or a child starting school. It is a beautiful gift and memento of a memorable year, or simply an annual reminder of time’s passing.

    Carve the precious name on the lucky coin

    At the centre of the coin set is a commemorative medal on which you can have the recipient’s name and special date carved at your local goldsmith’s.

    Your own coin set is a beautiful memento that provides endless hours of fascination. It awakens the collector in the child and creates an awareness of the beauty of coins.

    The coins are full of tiny details that you can examine with a magnifying glass, and the little eye will find something new every time.

    Approximately two hundred first sold My First Euros 2017 coinages has included wrong commemorative medal. We apologize for our mistake and regret any inconvenience caused.

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