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    The official Finnish Sisu collector coin speaks of the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. Order the Finnish Sisu collector coin for your collection, as a memento, or to give as a gift to a gutsy loved one. Print a Sisu diploma to accompany your gift from here.

    The Finnish Sisu coin is a harmonious combination of sensitivity and strength. The collector coin’s face depicts two delicately sculpted hearts, while the reverse features a powerful three-dimensional image of a heart pushing through a tear in the centre of the coin.

    The maximum mintage of the proof-quality EUR 20 silver Finnish Sisu collector coin is 5,000, and 50 coins will be numbered. The coins are numbered on the reverse, and the numbered coins are sold separately in beautiful glass cases.

    Proof-quality Finnish Sisu collector coins are minted with a polished die, finished, and placed in a protective clear plastic casing set in a gift box that tells the coin’s story.

    Sisu begins where perseverance ends

    The Finnish people have always been driven by their spirit of perseverance (sisu). The modern sisu is wisdom of the heart, taking care of our neighbours and common affairs and, most of all, the courage to dream and set goals. This is manifested as individual survival stories, displays of community spirit and bold innovations. Finnish sisu has placed us on the world stage, providing a universal example of what a little grit can achieve.

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