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    Finnish coins for 2018 in a purse. In 2018, uncirculated coins will be minted mainly only for collection purposes in Finland. In addition to the traditional coin set, freshly minted coins will also be available in coin pouches containing one of each of the Finnish euro coins for 2018.

    In 2018, Mint of Finland will, by the decision of Finnish Ministry of Finance, mint a small number of uncirculated coins. The coins have been minted mainly for collection purposes.

    The collection purse contains one coin of each nominal value.

    Order collector coins for foundation stones

    According to tradition, coins minted in the year of laying a building’s foundation stone are sealed inside a cylinder built into the stone. Other items such as the day’s newspaper or, for formal occasions, the programme and speeches of the ceremony can also be placed in the cylinder.

    Leave a lasting testament of your building’s foundation-laying year or send a nice gift to someone building a house!

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