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    Order this coinage for your collection – it also makes for a great gift or souvenir! The first coinage released in 2017 commemorates the European flounder native to the Baltic Sea. The coinage continues the Fish of the Baltic Sea theme begun in 2016.

    The Coinage 2017/I includes the Finnish metal circulation coins of 2017 in BU quality and is the second Mint of Finland coinage with Fish of the Baltic Sea as its theme. A medal with a European flounder motif is set at the centre of the coinage. 

    European flounder (Platichthys flesus)

    The European flounder is a flat and oval-shaped saltwater fish tolerant of low salinity levels and even fresh water. The Baltic Sea is home to the European flounder, turbot and European plaice, but the eutrophication of the sea may be causing flatfish populations to decline.

    In coastal waters, the European flounder grows slowly due to the low salinity of the water, since the fish need to spend large amounts of energy to maintain the correct fluid balance.

    Internationally, the European flounder has a tasty reputation. In Finland, however, it is mostly caught as a side catch, but visitors to the Finnish archipelago in particular may be treated to smoked flounder, a local speciality.

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