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    The provincial bird of Savonia, the black-throated loon, has been immortalised on a collector coin. Collect the five-euro Savonian animal coins and order a coin purse with 10 Savonian collector coins portraying the black-throated loon.

    The collector coin of Savonia depicts a black-throated loon swimming on the rippling surface of a Savonian lake, with an island visible in the horizon. The collector coin’s reverse is stamped with the historic coat of arms of Savonia. A coin purse made of recycled materials and emblazoned with the Mint of Finland logo contains 10 UNC-quality five-euro loon coins.

    This beautiful collector coin paying tribute to the provice of Savonia is part of the Animals of the Provinces series, which is the third coin series minted in honour of Finland’s historic provinces.  The 2013 coin of Savonia commemorated Olavinlinna castle, while the 2011 coin paid tribute to a traditional Savonian livelihood, slash-and-burn farming.

    The black-throated loon is the bird of myth

    The bird of Savonia, the black-throatedloon, is a familiar sight on rugged, clearlakes. As a champion swimmer, the loonis a skilful fisher that only stays on dryland to nest. To the Finnish people, theblack-throated loon is also the bird ofstory and myth, the First Bird. Fossilfinds indicate that the ancestors of theloon fished waters as early as 40 millionyears ago.

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