Animals of the Provinces – Karelia, unc


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    The Karelians’ provincial animal coin depicts the cuckoo, behind which opens a traditional Karelian lake vista. We will only offer 500 UNC-quality cuckoo collector coins wrapped in a numbered certificate of authenticity. Buy your own cuckoo coin from our online shop.

    The cuckoo holds a special place in the hearts of Karelians. UNC-quality cuckoo collector coins are wrapped in numbered certificates of authenticity that tell the coin’s story. UNC-quality coins are manufactured serially with stamping machines used in the production of circulation coins.

    This beautiful collector coin is part of the Animals of the Provinces series, which is the third coin series minted in honour of Finland’s historic provinces.  The 2013 Karelian coin paid tribute to the Imatrankoski rapids, and the 2011 coin honoured the Karelian tradition of birch-bark crafts.

    The captivating song of the cuckoo

    It is a timid bird thatis rarely sighted, since it is most comfortablehiding in the dense boughs oftrees. Everyone recognises the cuckoo’ssong, though. The Finnish people haveattached many beliefs to its cuckooingthroughout the ages.

    For example, a person’sremaining years have been countedby the cuckoo’s first summer song.

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    CuAl6Ni2, CuNi25


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