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The most responsible choice

Social responsibility is at the heart of Mint of Finland’s business. Our decision-making and operations are guided by responsible values at every level of the organisation. The long-term target of Mint of Finland is responsible growth. Responsibility work is never done. The most important thing is to take action.

Mint of Finland Manifesto lays down our main principles in corporate responsibility – steps we have already taken and steps we are about to take. In Mint of Finland responsibility is an integral part of our daily operations. Principles guide our decision making and operations at every level of the organisation. Our long term goal is responsible growth.


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We <3 environment

Healthy business grows from a healthy environment. We aim to minimise our aerial emissions and discharges into bodies of water and the soil. We monitor our use of raw materials on a regular basis. Our raw material use is reported by type of waste and disposal method. We monitor the energy consumption and carbon dioxside emissions from our sites in Finland and Germany,  our German site has also ISO50001 energy management certificate. We prefer maritime freight for deliveries whenever possible.

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Take care!

We inspire our employees to take care of their well-being and help them develop. As an employer Mint of Finland respects the fundamental rights of workers as defined by the International Labour Organisation. We do our utmost to prevent accidents. We seek to improve the safety of the work environment, particularly by influencing attitudes and encouraging our employees to continuous development in this regard.

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Human rights

Celebrate diversity

Mint of Finland respects and abides by the principles of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Mint of Finland does not tolerate discrimination in any form. We develop our equality plan actively in accordance with the Non-discrimination Act and Act on Equality between Women and Men.

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Fair operating practices

Fair play or no play

We always play fair, both within and without the company. Mint of Finland’s business partners are required to sign our partner guidelines, which obligate them to observe our Code of Conduct. Security is a core part of our business – the manufacture of circulation coins, blanks and commemorative coins from base and precious metals. The logistics and inventory management of our company hold the TAPA’s (Transported Asset Protection Association) FSR certificate. There is no place for corruption at Mint of Finland, and we have guidelines in place for entertaining and accepting entertainment. Mint of Finland respects intellectual property rights and recognises them in its business operations.

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Organisational governance

You can see through us

Mint of Finland is committed to the observance and development of responsible governance. We have structured our responsibility work according to the international ISO26000 Social Responsibility standard. On the basis of the standard, we have determined the most essential aspects of corporate responsibility in our operations with regard to our stakeholders. We offer accurate information on the targets and operations of the Group to our stakeholders on our own initiative. The principles of Mint of Finland’s communications are reliability, transparency and speed.

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