Issuing programme - Mint of Finland

Issuing programme 2018


12.1.2018 Topelius 200 years
Silver commemorative coin 10 €, 20 €

My First Euros Coin Set 2018

Our Wedding Coin Set 2018

My High-School Graduation Coin Set 2018

Congratulations on your Confirmation Day! Coin Set 2018

Heartfelt Congratulations Coin Set 2018

Coinage 2018/I BU
The third coinage in the series Fish of the Baltic Sea includes the Finnish metal circulation coins for 2018 in BU quality and a commemorative medal.


Uncirculated coins 2018

Sámi Culture
Silver commemorative coin, 10 €, 20 €.


Finnish National Landscapes Koli National Park
Base metal coin, 5 €.


Finnish National Landscapes Maritime Helsinki
Base metal coin, 5 €


Finnish National Landscape Koli special two euro commemorative coin
Base metal coin, 2 €

Europa Star
Silver commemorative coin, 10 €


Finnish National Landscapes Punkaharju
Base metal coin, 5 €

Finnish National Landscapes Pallastunturi Fells
Base metal coin, 5 €

Finland in 100 Years
Golden commemorative coin, 100 €


Finnish National Landscapes Archipelago Sea
Base metal commemorative coin, 5 €

Finnish Sauna Culture
Silver commemorative coin, 10 €, 20 €


Finnish National Landscapes Tammerkoski rapids
Base metal commemorative coin, 5 €


Finnish National Landscapes Oulankajoki river natural and cultural landscapes
Base metal commemorative coin, 5 €


Finnish Sauna Culture special two euro commemorative coin 
Base metal coin, 2 €.

Finnish National Landscapes Porvoonjoki river valley and old Porvoo
Base metal commemorative coin, 5 €


The Presidents of Finland Mauno Koivisto
Base metal commemorative coin, 5 € 

Coinage 2018/II BU 

Proof Coin Set 2018

Merry Christmas 2018


Finnish National Landscapes Olavinlinna castle and lake Pihlajavesi
Base metal commemorative coin, 5 €